What you need to know about antennas

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What you need to know about antennas

As you decide to get a cellular signal booster, you may notice that the kit consists of three main components: outside antenna, booster (amplifier) and inside antenna. The booster (amplifier) is the device which “boosts” (amplifies) weak signals and makes them stronger. As to what outside and inside antennas are and do, how they differ and why they are an essential part of the booster kit, we will explain in this post.

What is an antenna?

An antenna is a device that receives and transmits RF, TV, Satellite and other signals.

What are the roles of the antennas in a booster kit?

The outside antenna, called the “donor” antenna, (usually installed on the roof of a building or top of a vehicle) receives weak voice and data signals broadcasted from a nearby cell tower. Received weak signals are transmitted to the booster and amplified. After the signals are boosted, the inside antenna, called the “service” antenna, distributes them throughout your building or vehicle, providing better cellular coverage and faster data speeds.

Types of antennas

Based on application and its specifications, antennas can be classified in various ways.

Type Picture Description Application Tips
Yagi (directional) antenna Yagi antenna This antenna receives and transmits signals from/to one direction. The antenna is mounted outdoors at fixed locations (home, office, buildings) Point this antenna directly to a nearest cell tower for the best performance.
Omni-directional antenna Omni-directional antenna Omni antennas receive and transmit signals to /from all 360 degree directions. This antenna is good for vehicles because they always move and signals will bounce off different cell towers. If you need to improve signals for more than one carrier, Omni-directional antenna will work better than Yagi.
Panel antenna Panel antenna Panel antennas broadcast the cell phone reception in a single direction. This antenna is usually wall mounted inside the home or building. Install it in the places you would like to get the best coverage.
Dome antenna Dome antenna Dome antennas broadcasts cell signal reception in every direction. This antenna is usually ceiling mounted antenna. Avoid mounting these in areas with lots of walls and with certain materials (like metals) that could block or reflect the signals from reaching you.
Patch antenna Patch antenna Patch antennas are directional, low profile antennas, usually placed inside vehicles. The antenna is optimal for SUVs, sedans and trucks.
Magnetic based inside antenna Magnetic based inside antenna Indoor Omni-directional antenna with magnetic base. This antenna is optimal for RVs and motorhomes. The magnetic base holds the antenna stable while driving. Place it in a location you would like to get the best coverage.

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