What devices will work / not work with cellular signal booster?

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It is very important to know which devices will work with your signal booster before purchasing one. Below are answers to questions from customers just like you regarding which devices will work with a signal booster.

Do cellular signal boosters work with Wi-Fi?

Many people tend to assume that all cellular signal boosters’ work with Wi-Fi but actually the answer is that it depends on the signal booster. Most signal boosters are cellular signal boosters and do NOT boost Wi-Fi signals. Only if your signal booster is a Wi-Fi signal booster will it improve Wi-Fi signals.

Do signal boosters work with MiFi?

Yes, signal boosters work with MiFi and Hotspots. The cellular signal booster will amplify the signals to and from your MiFi or Hotspot, which will improve connectivity and data speeds on all the devices connected to these. This could include a tablet, a laptop, or a smartphone.

Do cellular signal boosters work with Satellite TV?

No. Cellular signal boosters do not work with satellite TV because of the different frequencies. However, there are separate signal boosters for satellite communications.

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