Indoor Desktop Antenna with 17ft. cable (SMA Male connector)

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  • Receives 3G, 4G LTE Signals (all U.S. and Canada Wireless Carriers)
  • SMA Male connector
  • 17ft. cable length
  • Heavy duty magnetic base encased in a rubber cover
  • Easy and safe installation – no drilling, screwing, etc.
  • For use with Cellular Signal Boosters

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Works with All U.S. and Canada wireless carriers


3G/4G LTE Desktop Antenna, black, omni-directional, SMA Male connector.

  • Indoor Antenna that can be used with any cellular booster (make sure the connectors will match).
  • 17 ft. cable length.
  • Connector type: SMA (Male). Please verify that your booster uses an SMA Female connector or buy an adapter.
  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Base which will keep your antenna in place regardless of any bumps or turns.
  • Base is additionally stabilized by a rubber protective cover which will prevent any movement

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 8.2 × 4 × 4 in


Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range (MHz) 698~2700MHz
Impedance (ohm) 50
Gain (dBi) 3.0
Polarization Vertical
Radiation Omni
VSWR < 2
Maximum Input Power (W) 30

Mechanical Specifications

Cable Termination NMO mount with 17ft. cable
Dimensions Ø39.5 x 90 mm
Radome Material Polyurethane
Color Black
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ +80℃
Connector SMA-male


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Q. What is the cellular signal booster?
A. The cellular signal booster is a product that boosts your cell phone reception and data service.

Q. Why need to use a cellular signal booster?
A. Cellular signals may not be sufficient if your cellular is located far away from the cell.

Q. Do I need an internet connection to use a cellular signal booster?
A. Cell phone signal booster doesn’t need to connect the internet.

Q. Do I have to pay a monthly fee to use the cellular signal booster?
A. You don’t need to pay a monthly fee.

Q. Where is the best position to install the outside antenna?
A. Best position is the roof of a building or house without any obstructions. If it can not be installed outside, it is recommended to be as close as the outside as possible.

Q. Even after installing the booster, the cellular reception is still weak. What Can I do?
A. Check the power source is connected to the booster. Make sure the outside antenna and inside antenna is sufficiently separated.