How To Improve Cellular Reception In Your Truck

 In Signal Booster

Trucking can be fun and adventurous but long journeys and time away can have a huge impact on you as well as your family and friends.

For many, using cellular devices for phone, text, email and social media is a great way to feel connected. Because of this, reliable mobile communication is an absolute essential in trucker’s life. You have to be able to make a call or be accessible wherever you go, 24 hours a day. In addition, cell phones play vital role in emergency situations. For these reasons, being able to call and having access to the Internet anytime and anywhere is a necessity in today’s life. Even though you have an unlimited data plan, sometimes you can find yourself in locations without sufficient (none, weak) cell phone signal. This is where American Booster’s VOLTEX 50 TRUCK PLUS cell signal booster comes in handy.

The VOLTEX 50 TRUCK PLUS does not create cell service out where there is none but it can catch a weak signal and boost it enough to have a high call quality and stable Internet connection.

Installation of cell signal booster is very simple. Moreover, it can easily be removed and re-installed from truck to truck.

The VOLTEX 50 TRUCK PLUS works with all US and Canada wireless carriers and on all types of mobile devices (Android, iPhone). There is no additional monthly fee beyond that already paid to the carrier.

Whether driving across the country or waiting for the truck to get loaded / unloaded, a stable and reliable connection will make your work easier.

Stay connected on the road anytime, anywhere.

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