How to improve cellular coverage in your RV

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Are you wondering why you have poor reception in some areas while RVing? Let’s talk about what could be the main reasons for weak cell signals and how we can improve it.

Bad or poor cell phone reception is caused by two major factors – distance and obstructions.

If the distance from the cell tower to your location is very far, you are likely to have a poor cell phone signal.

Obstructions can also block your signal. These can be trees, mountains, tall buildings, construction materials and even your RV (because most of the RVs are made of materials that block cell signals).

If you’re someone who spends a lot of your time traveling in an RV, you already know how important it is to have good cell phone reception.

Whether it is catching up with friends and family, texting friends, checking emails, scrolling on social media, casually surfing on the Internet or in emergency situations, we are almost always relying on our mobile devices.

For these reasons, strong reliable cellular connectivity is no longer a luxury; it is a must.

The problem is that, while on the road, it is not easy to predict when exactly you will have weak signals. This is why, as an Rver, you should always be prepared to stay connected anytime and anywhere. If you experience weak cell signal in your RV, a cellular signal booster is a solution to this problem.

A signal booster prevents dropped calls and improves data speeds inside your RV.

Cell phone signal boosters consist of four main parts: the outside antenna, the booster/amplifier, the inside antenna, and connecting cables.

How signal booster works

Weak signals are received outside the RV and transmitted inside to the Signal Booster, where they are amplified. The stronger signals are distributed inside your RV via inside antenna, thus providing better cellular coverage and faster data speeds.

Benefits of purchasing Signal booster VOLTEX 50 RV Plus

     – Improves voice signals
     – Reduces dropped calls
     – Boosts data speeds
     – No additional monthly fee
     – Supports multiple users
     – Extends phone battery life
     – Provides 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Coverage
     – Easy installation

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