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Whether catching up with family, texting friends, connecting on social media, checking work emails, casually surfing the web from the couch, or needing service in an emergency, we are always on our mobile devices.  Because of these things, strong reliable cellular connectivity is very important in our daily life.

Unfortunately, sometimes we experience poor cell reception, dropped calls and slow data speeds caused by obstructions like trees, mountains, tall buildings, and the distance from the cell tower.  If you experience weak cell signal in your homes, a cellular signal booster can be a solution to this problem.

Choosing the right signal booster and ensuring proper installation are the main factors to improving signals and faster data speeds in your home or office.

The stronger the signal received by the outside (donor) antenna from the cell tower, the better coverage you will have inside the house or office.  Knowing the location of the closest cell tower makes a huge difference in where to place and point the outside antenna and the improvement of the coverage indoors.

How do you find the cell tower?  Below are five different methods of finding cell towers. We recommend using at least 2 methods to get an accurate location of the closest cell tower.

 1. Smartphone Apps

  • OpenSignal
  • Network Cell Info
  • Network Signal Info
  • Cell Tower Locator
  • LTE Speed Coverage Map

 2. Cell Tower Location Maps (online resource)


 3. Wireless Carrier’s Coverage Maps

 4. Field Test Mode

Often pre-loaded on cell phones, Field Test Mode is a software application that provides technical details, including signal strength information.

 5. Signal Meter

A Signal Meter is a handheld device used by professional installers and technicians for checking signal strength.

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