1. Do Signal boosters work with 4G LTE?

Yes, all American Booster’s signal boosters amplify 3G and 4G LTE signals.

2. Do American Booster's signal boosters work with 5G network?

No, American Booster’s signal boosters enhance 4G LTE, and 3G signals for all U.S. and Canada carriers. American Booster also supports AT&T’s LTE Network including 5G E.

3. Does the length of the cable between the signal booster and antennas decrease signal strength?

Yes, the length of the cable will decrease the signal strength. The longer the cable, the less the signal strength. American Booster’s LMR-400 cable has a loss of 700 LTE [100 ft, 3.5 dB for the 800 cellular bands, 5.8 dB for the 1900 PCS band and 6.2 dB for the 2100 AWS band.

4. How many cell phones can be connected to the booster at the same time?

There is no limit to the number of cell phones that can be connected to the booster. However, the better the outside signal, the better the coverage and hence more users it can support.

5. How to calculate boosted coverage?

Booster coverage formula:
Incoming signal + antenna & booster’s gains – cable loss = signal output.

6. Do American Booster's products meet the new FCC specifications?

Yes, all American booster’s products meet the latest FCC regulations.

7. Do Signal Boosters work on GSM Mobile network?

Yes, all American Booster’s signal boosters work with all current cellular technologies and networks deployed in USA/Canada including GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G E [AT&T].

8. None of the LEDs on the Signal Booster are lit. What does it mean?

If none of the LEDs on the Signal Booster are lit, either the power adaptor is not working or the booster has a problem. For troubleshooting, please refer to our user guide.

9. Why do signal boosters have an automatic shutdown?

Automatic shutdown is a function that protects the booster from damage when oscillation occurs. Oscillation takes place when the boosted signal from the inside antenna is picked up by outside antenna and transmitted through the signal booster again.

10. Do I need to unplug booster before making any changes to the system?

Yes. Unplug the signal booster from the power source before making any changes to the system, to prevent any possible damage to the signal booster.

11. Do signal boosters have any safeguards to prevent interference with Cell Tower?

All American Booster signal boosters come equipped with several technologies to prevent interference with the cell tower. Among other things, these include ALC, AGC and an auto shutdown function.

12. Why do I get a strong signal when close to the inside antenna, but the further I walk away, the signal gets weaker?

Wireless signals are always travelling through the air. The further distance from the inside antenna the less “travelling” energy the signal has and weaker signal you receive. The coverage of the booster is determined by the strength of the outside signal. The stronger signal you get from outside antenna, the stronger signals you get from the inside antenna, and the further away from the inside antenna you could be.

13. Will the Signal booster increase my data speeds?

Yes, signal booster will increase data speeds. However, signal booster can not exceed the maximum data speed set by a Carrier.

14. Which materials block cell phone signal transmission?

Building materials such as drywall, plaster, glass, wood, metals block cell signal transmission.

15. Why do I get poor cell phone reception?

There are two main factors that cause bad cell phone reception: distance and obstruction.
Distance: If you are too far from the cell tower, then the signal will be weak or maybe undetectable.
Obstructions (like mountains, high rise buildings, trees, etc) between the cell tower and the cell phone, will cause poor cell reception too.
So, if you’re facing a problem of bad cell phone reception, it is recommended to install a cellular signal booster.

16. Can I leave a signal booster in my car permanently?

Yes, you can. But please note that if the signal booster is powered from the Cigarette adapter, it will continue to draw power from your vehicle even when the car’s ignition is turned off. This could discharge your car battery. We recommend you check that your cigarette power adapter is switched off when the ignition is turned off.

17. Do I need to be connected to the Internet when using the signal booster?

No Internet connection is required when using a booster.

18. Why do I have to register cellular signal booster with a carrier?

To ensure that cell phone signal boosters do not interfere with cellular coverage, FCC requires consumers to register signal booster with the respective phone carrier before use. For more detailed information, please refer to

19. How can I extend the battery life of my phone?

In addition to turning the brightness down, paring down your notifications and putting your phone in low power mode, signal boosters can also extend the battery life because phones use less power to capture the cell phone signal.

20. How does the signal booster work?

1. The outside antenna receives weak cellular signals from a nearby cell tower. Then picked up signals are transmitted to the Booster.
2. The booster amplifies the weak signals and sends boosted signals to the inside antenna.
3. The inside antenna distributes the boosted signals and provides better cellular coverage and faster data speeds.

21. If the consumer does not register the signal booster to cellular carrier, should the dealer be liable?

No, the dealer won’t be liable because the FCC states that consumer boosters must be registered with the carrier, so the dealer is not responsible if the consumer does not comply or abide by this.

22. How do I register my signal booster?

For details on how to register your signal booster, please refer to the American Booster website:

23. Which cellular carriers are supported by the signal booster?

American Booster’s Signal Boosters support all US and Canada mobile carriers.

24. Will the signal booster work in a mobile home or a home with a metal roof?

Yes, signal boosters work in both mobile homes and homes with a metal roof.

25. Can somebody purchase and use an industrial signal booster with an "industrial use" label on it?

Yes, a consumer can purchase signal booster labeled for “Industrial Use”, but installation of this booster should be performed by a technicians with a FCC licence or special permission.

26. At what temperature does the signal booster work?

American Booster’s signal boosters work in temperature ranges of 23ºF to +122ºF, or between -5ºC and +50ºC

27. What is the function of a surge protector?

Surge protector discharges lightning and protects signal booster from damage.

28. How do I choose a Cellular signal booster for my home or office?

Estimate the square footage that you want the signal booster to cover. Home / Office signal boosters are classified by the coverage they improve (up to 1500, 3000, 5000 and 7500 sq. ft.)

29. Can I use CAR PLUS booster in my home or office?

We would not recommend to use CAR PLUS booster for your home or office. CAR PLUS’s installation kit is more suitable for a vehicle and will provide less coverage in your home/office.

30. Can I install the signal booster by myself?

Yes. American Booster’s vehicle and home boosters are DIY products and have all necessary components for the installation. Please refer to the installation videos on our website.

31. Can I refer to signal strength bars on my phone, when finding the best location to install outside antenna?

Yes, you can refer to the bars on your phone to check the signal strength. However accurate signal strength is measured in decibels, a unit of signal strength measurement. So we recommend to check signal strength in decibels using your phone to find the best location for outside antenna installation.

32. How long does it take to install the signal booster?

Depending on the booster kit installation time can vary. Vehicle signal boosters can be installed faster than home or office boosters. Installation of the VOLTEX 50 RV PLUS might take between 15 and 30 minutes, and the home booster may take up to one hour.

33. Where is the best location for the signal booster to ensure the best coverage?

For signal boosters with a built-in inside antenna (e.g. Home 1500) or a bar antenna (e.g. Home 3000), place it where you need coverage the most for the best performance. For signal boosters with a separate inside antennas (e.g. Home 5000, Home 7500, Building boosters), it doesn’t matter where the booster is installed, the location of outside antenna will be the main factor for a better performance. Install the outside antenna in the location where you will receive the strongest signals from the cell tower. Then install the inside antenna in the location where you would like to receive better coverage.

34. After installing the signal booster, the signal is still weak? What do I do?

There are two main reasons why the signal is still weak.
First, signal booster works by amplifying outside signals. The better reception you have outside the stronger signal you will have inside. We would recommend to relocate outside antenna to receive stronger outside signal.
Second, inside and outside antennas are not separated enough from each other, which will cause oscillation, where the boosted signal from the inside antenna is picked up by outside antenna and transmitted through the signal booster again.
Check if the outside and inside antennas are located a minimun distance of 20 ft. from each other.
If none of above was helpful, please contact the technical support for further assistance.

35. After installing the signal booster, LEDs are green, but I still do no have a good coverage. What do I do?

First, check if all the components (antennas, cables, booster) are connected properly.
Second, check if the outside antenna is installed in a location with the strongest signal.
If none of above was helpful, please contact the technical support for further assistance.

36. I got red LEDs on the signal booster. What do I do?

If one or more of the LEDs is flashing or sold red, this indicates that the signal from the nearby cell tower is too strong. Signal Booster will stop amplifying signals of the frequency with a solid red indicator automatically to prevent the booster from any damage.
If it is a home booster, you are recommended to position your Outside antenna to receive weaker signals.

37. How to check the signal strength?

1. Android
– Settings -> About phone -> Status (or Network) on this screen, view Signal Strenght (or Network Type and strength)
– Settings -> More Options (or More Settings) -> About Phone -> Mobile Network On this screen, view Signal Strength

2. iPhone (For iOS11 & iOS12)
– Dial ” *3001#12345#* ” > Press the call button -> Click the ‘LTE’ -> Serving Cell meas -> Check the ‘rsrp0’

3. iPhone (For before iOS11)
– Dial ” 3001#12345#* ” -> Press the call button -> A new screen opens up.This is known as the ‘Field Test Mode.’ As it happens, you’ll notice that the signal bars have changed into a(negative) number. This is the actual signal strength of the network that your iPhone connects to. If you tap the signal strength number, it changes to bars. Tap gain, and you get the numbers. It’s a tap-to-toggle here.

38. How much separation is required between inside and outside antennas?

The distance between the outside antenna and the inside antenna depends on the booster’s gain. The stronger the gain of the booster, the further the distance between the antennas should be. For more details, please refer to the following table.

39. Do I need to ground Yagi antenna?

For Home / Office boosters, it is not necessary to ground Yagi Antenna, since the booster and the antenna connectors have been grounded already.
For Building boosters, we recommend to install a surge lightning protector between the Yagi antenna and signal booster.

40. What is the inside antenna range?

The range of the inside antenna depends on the signal strength received from the cell tower and the output power of the booster. The stronger signal from the cell tower and more powerful signal booster, the wider the range of the inside antenna you will have.

41. Can I use a truck antenna on my house?

Yes, you can use a truck antenna on your house.
However we recommend you to use Yagi antenna for fixed sites such as Home to provide more gain and better coverage inside your house.

42. Can I go through a car wash with a magnet whip antenna on the roof of my car?

Yes you can. However, it is recommended to remove the magnetic antenna before going through a car wash. Also, turn off the booster before removing the antenna.

43. Any tips on separation between inside and outside antennas?

Antenna separation can be horizontal, vertical, or a combination of both. A vertical separation is more effective than horizontal separation, because there are more obstacles between the two antennas like ceilings.

44. What is the best location to install outside antenna?

The higher up on the building, the better the reception will be. The user should find the location with the strongest signal. Use your phone’s signal strength in decibels to determine where you have the strongest signal.

45. What is the difference between Omni antenna and Yagi antenna?

An omni antenna transmits and receives signals to/from all directions in a 360 degree pattern.
Yagi antenna transmits and recieves signals to/from one direction only.

46. Does the signal booster improve both data speeds and voice?

Yes. Signal booster improves both data speeds and voice call quality.

47. What is the role of the vehicle booster?

When you travel in a remote area or dead zone and experience drop calls and low data speeds, Vehicle signal boosters will improve cell phone coverage in your car, truck, van, or RV.

48. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a cell phone signal booster?

1. Improves voice signals.
2. Reduces dropped calls.
3. Boosts data speeds.
4. Extends cell phone battery life
5. Improves 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE Coverage
6. Easy installation

The disadvantage can be a cost of the signal booster.

49. Do I need a signal booster?

Ask yourself these questions:

1) When I am inside the vehicle, home or office, do I have problems with dropped calls or lost connections, poor call audio quality, or texts, emails and voicemails that show up in my in-box hours after they were sent?

2) When I go outside, do I get better call quality and faster data speeds than when I’m indoors?

If you answered, “yes” to both questions, signal booster will improve the signal coverage in your vehicle, home or office.

50. What is the difference between 3G & 4G?

The first 3G networks were introduced in 1998 and fourth generation 4G networks in 2008.

4G is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology, succeeding 3G. The main difference between 3G and 4G is speed – 4G brings broadband to your phone. If you want to future-proof your mobile communications and entertainment, you need 4G, with speeds of up to ten times faster than 3G.

51. What is dB Gain?

dB is a short form of Decibel. dB gain is a measure of the difference between the input signal of the booster and the amplified output signal.

52. What is the difference between dB and dBm?

dB is a relative value that represents the difference between the input signal and the output signal. dBm is an absolute value based on 1mW power. dBm is used to define the signal strength in the signal booster.

53. What is the difference between a dome and a panel antenna?

A dome antenna transmits and receives signals to/from all directions in a 360 degree pattern. Panel antenna transmits and recieves signals to/from one direction only.

54. What is the difference between FemtoCell and signal booster?

FemtoCell is a small low-power cell tower designed to create cell signals to cover in small areas like home or small office for specific carriers.
A Signal Booster is a small repeater that amplifies existing signals.

55. What is VSWR?

The Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) is an indication of the amount of mismatch between an antenna and the feed line connecting to it. The range of values for VSWR is from 1 to ∞. A VSWR value under two is considered suitable for most antenna applications. So when someone says that the antenna is poorly matched, very often it means that the VSWR value exceeds 2.

56. What does the signal bar on the phone mean?

The signal bar on the cell phone indicates the strength of the signal received from the cell tower. However, the signal bar is displayed differenly depending on mobile phone model. Therefore, it is not accurate to check the actual input signal strength by signal bar.

57. Do I have to pay a monthly fee for the signal booster?

No, a signal booster is a one-time purchase. Therefore, there is no monthly fee required.

58. Does the signal booster need maintenance?

Not required. However, it is recommended to check the set up of the signal booster every two or three weeks.

59. Is it okay if the signal booster get's hot?

It’s okay. The signal booster operates at an ambient temperature of 23 to 122 ° F. And, the Booster body works within 158 ° F. If the booster is hotter that that, turn the power off and turn it on again. If you feel it is still too hot, please contact Tech Support.

60. Can I paint the antenna?

Yes, you can. It is recommended to use paint that doesn’t include any metal materials. Metal particles in the paint will disrupt the antenna’s signal trasmission.

61. Why is the signal booster made of the metal?

The metal is able to dissipate heat more efficiently compared to plastic materials. In addition to that, metals are more durable and less prone to damages like plastics and hard rubber.

62. Can the 12V DC Power be used with Car and Yacht boosters?

Yes, CAR PLUS Signal booster uses 12V DC Cigarette power adapter. Yacht PLUS Signal booster uses 12V DC Power adapter.

63. What is the LTE frequency band and why do carriers use different frequencies?

The LTE frequencies are built for delivering large amounts of data at high speed. LTE frequencies occupies 700 MHz ~ 2500 MHz range.
FCC grants each Cellular Carrier with its specific LTE frequency, so all carriers provide LTE services at their own bands.

64. What are the frequencies of the carriers in the United States and Canada?

65. Does the Signal Booster increase the radiation of the cell phone?

No, the signal booster doesn’t increase the radiation of the cell phone. It actually prevents the harmful radiation from reaching the users. The signal booster’s outside antenna gathers and releases the harmful radiation instead of the antenna in your phone.

66. How much coverage will I have inside my home with American Booster?

Coverage provided by signal boosters depends on a model, indoor building materials, antenna placement and outdoor signal level. The stronger signal you receive from the cell tower, and less obstacles you have inside the home, the larger coverage you will have with the booster.

67. How far does the outside antenna pick signals?

If there are no obstacles such as mountains, trees, tall buildings and many people talking on the phone between you and the cell tower, the maximum distance for the outside antenna to pick signals will be 45 miles. But in real life and based on usual cricumstances, the outside antenna will pick signals from the cell tower at a distance of 10-15 miles.

68. Can we use CAR PLUS on motorcycle?

No, you can’t use CAR PLUS on your motorcycle. CAR PLUS will stop amplifying any signals due to a signal interference between inside and outside antennas.

69. Where can I mount outside antenna of RV PLUS signal booster?

Outside antenna can be mounted on the ladder or rooftop of your RV.

70. How long are RV Plus cables?

The outside antenna cable is 20 ft.
The inside antenna cable is 15 ft.

71. Do you install RV PLUS?

RV PLUS Signal Booster is a DIY product. All necessary components for an easy installation are included in the package.

72. How strong should the signal be, to be picked up by outside antenna?

The signal strength should be 90 to 95dBm for the outside antenna to pick it up.

73. What is output power of RV Plus?

RV PLUS Signal booster’s output power is 5dBm.

74. Can I use RV PLUS Signal booster outside the RV?

No. RV PLUS will improve coverage inside your RV only. If you place inside antenna near by open window, the booster will stop amplifying any signals due to intereference between signals from inside and outside antennas.

75. Does signal booster work with Jetpack?

Yes, Signal Boosters improves signals provided by Jetpack.

76. Does signal booster work with MiFi?

Yes, Signal Boosters improves signals provided by MiFi.

77. Do I need to connect the signal booster to my phone via any cables?

No, you do not need any wired or Bluetooth connection to signal booster.

78. Does American Booster's products amplify TV signals?

No, American Booster products do not amplify TV signals, except if you watch TV on your phone using cellular service from the mobile carrier.

79. How much coverage do I have inside the RV with American Booster?

Coverage provided by signal boosters depends on an antenna placement and outdoor signal level. The stronger signal you recieve from the cell tower, the larger coverage you will have with the booster.

80. What is the guarantee for not having a leak from making a hole in my RV?

We provide special cable entry cover for the hole to prevent any leak in your RV.

81. Can I run outside antenna cable into my RV without making any hole?

Yes. You can use any existing hole on the top of your RV. This could be a hole for an air conditioner, Satellite TV, WiFi extender, etc.

82. Will RV PLUS Signal booster work in the mountains with no signal outside?

No, it will not. You have to have at least one bar outside the RV. If there is no signal outside, there is nothing to be boosted.

83. Do American booster products work with all carries and phones?

Yes. All American booster products work with all US/Canada mobile carriers simultaneously.

84. If I have a three-story house can I use one antenna and have coverage?

It depends on the scale of your house and the signal strength you have outside your house. The weaker signal you have, the stronger booster with several antennas you will need.

85. Does American Booster work with GPS?

No. Our products improve cellular signals only.

86. If I do not have a ladder on my RV, how can I install an outside antenna?

You can use a Shakespear Ratchet mount and put it on a piece of plywood to mount outside antenna on the top of your RV.

87. Does American Booster work with Wifi?

Our products work with WiFi provided by your hotspot, MiFi or Jetpack.

88. What is the difference between American booster products and Satellite antenna?

Satellite antenna is used for Satellite TV. Our products improve cellular signals, which are provided by mobile carriers.

89. Does RV PLUS Signal Booster work with all types of RV?

Yes. Our product works with all types of RVs.

90. If I have a guest house can I have coverage with the American Booster product that is installed in my house?

We recommend you to use a separate home boosters for your house and guest house.

91. Does American Booster work with Linksys and Netgear?

American Booster products do not work with any of Linksys products, Netgear Wifi Extenders and WiFi routers.

92. How can I extend the Inside antenna's cable in Home booster?

We recommend you to purchase an additional SMA male to SMA female RG400 RF cable with the length less than 10 ft. Longer extension cable may cause less output power and smaller improved area due to the cable’s loss.

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