What do bars on the phone mean?

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What do bars on the phone mean?

Most of us believe that the bars (or dots, depending on phone model) on our phones indicate the strength of the signal received.

Is this correct?

In order to answer this question, let’s understand what the bars represent.
Bars on the phone give you a general idea of how strong your signal is at the moment but not the accurate value of signal strength.
It seems obvious that 4 bars should be better than 3 or 2, but even though you have 4 bars, your connection can be worse than those who have 3 or 2 bars.
This is because cellphone manufacturers use different algorithms for displaying the number of bars. For example, your phone displays 3 bars for 60 dBm while your friend’s phone (manufactured by other company) might displays 4 bars for 60 dBm. Because of this, measuring the signal strength by looking at the bars on your phone is not accurate.

How can we measure the actual signal strength?

It’s very simple!
Field test mode is an application that displays the value of signal strength in decibels. The signal is displayed as a negative number, and the closer it is to 0, the better. For example -60dBm is stronger than -80dBm. Access to a field test mode is different for every device.

1. For Android phones

Go to – Settings -> About phone -> Status (or Network) on this screen, view Signal Strength (or Network Type and strength)
– Settings -> More Options (or More Settings) -> About Phone -> Mobile Network On this screen, view Signal Strength

2. For iPhone (iOS11 & iOS12)

Dial ” *3001#12345#* ” > Press the call button -> Click the ‘LTE’ -> Serving Cell meas -> Check the ‘rsrp0’

3. For iPhone (Before iOS11)

– Dial ” 3001#12345#* ” -> Press the call button -> A new screen opens up. This is known as the ‘Field Test Mode.’ As it happens, you’ll notice that the signal bars have changed into a (negative) number. This is the actual signal strength of the network that your iPhone connects to. If you tap the signal strength number, it changes to bars. Tap gain, and you get the numbers.

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