Wondering why your signal booster doesn’t work properly?

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Before purchasing a signal booster, it helps to ensure that there are detectable signals in the areas where needed. The main function of a signal booster is to boost the signal strength in areas with poor reception but no booster will create signal where there are none. A simple first step is to check whether there are signals outside and inside the building where coverage is needed. Unfortunately, if there is no signal outside of the target building, a signal booster will not improve things and other methods of communication are needed. That said, if there are signals outside but there are no or weak signals inside the building, a signal booster can help to increase the signal strength indoors.

Proper installation makes a big difference in insuring that your signal booster works as well as possible. Just like everything else, it is always advisable to refer to the user guide. Locations of the external (donor) and internal (service) antennas have important impacts.

Make sure the outside antenna is located at the location with the strongest signal and that the inside antenna is placed at a location nearest where you need improved reception/ stronger signals. It is important to try to install the outdoor and indoor antennas as far apart as possible. The bigger the distance, the better!

Since the two antennas work differently, if you install your outside antenna indoors and inside antenna outdoors, the signal booster is will not perform properly.

Check to confirm that the devices are connected properly and the booster’s green light is on. You need to make sure the antenna cables and the booster are connected correctly. Loose cables or not plugging the power adapter fully into the device will decrease the performance of the booster.

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